The purpose

After more than a decade being part of teams, being responsible for growing and managing teams, I have realized the obvious and painful truth that the higher you grow in an organization the less touch with people seems to remain.
Growing high-performance product teams through trust, fun and empowerment allows for fast and decentralized decision making. This is an essential element in meeting evolving customers’ needs and delivering a predictable and successful outcome for them.

Entervals’ purpose is to help you grow high-performance teams, through trust, fun and empowerment.

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Maxime’s story

My name is Maxime Castéra, I am a French national, living in Brussels with my Franco-Serbian family.
An expatriate at heart I have spent the last 12+ years abroad (US, DE, NL, BE) and became addicted to this “third culture” life.
Among my wife and kids, none of us were born in the same country, making cultural awareness a part of our family DNA and an every day strength in private or professional environments.

My passion for challenges has taken me to various industries and domains, from the research in physiology/pharmacology to the robotics industry, via the medical and aerospace industry.
In each of these industries I have found the human factor in building great teams to be the most rewarding experience.

I am a Scrum and Agile development advocate, passionate by new development approaches around lean product development.
For the last 10 years I have helped organizations kickstart, deploy, scale agile practices in product development locally and globally.

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